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Dievčí Hrádok Castle


The location of the documentarily not recorded small sentry castle can be found on the right side of and directly above the current roadway leading from Bratislava (Pozsony) to Stupava (Stomfa), about 1300 m south of the centre of the capital´s local part Záhorská Bystrica (Pozsonybesztercze). The castle is situated in a peripheral area of the Little Carpathians, on a slight tonguelike spur (alt. 188.5 m) immediately west of the dominant trigonometric point (alt. 201.4 m). A rocky elevation with an apical platform displaying 33 × 24 m rises here from a plane sandy environs 6.5 m above the level of the road. It is protected by slopes on all sides, from the gentle ascendant plateau on the east it is protected by wide, probably artificial depression that supplies an isthmian ditch. The castle had the road running in the place of the present one ideally under control. Objects which used to stand atop the acropolis were perhaps log cabins, and there are no traces after them left. The acropolis´ surface was damaged during the WW II by building up an artillery emplacement, and by the later cultivation activity when setting up an orchard. At the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries there was a settlement on the right bank of the adjacent Vápenický Stream; the genesis of the castle thus may be theoretically dated back to the given period.


Dievčí Hrádok (also Dzifčí Hrádok, literally “Maiden Castle“) used to guard the route leading from Záhorie region through the saddle of Lamač (Lamacs) to the Bratislava territory, and its branch to Devín (Dévény) as well, which could correlate with the castle´s name that is a toponymic filiation of this Great Moravian locality mentioned in 864 in the Fuldish Annals (“Dowina, id est puella“ – “Dowina, which means maiden“).




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GPS: É 48° 13.836 (48.230602)
K 17° 1.978 (17.032972)
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